Raised in Bahrain (b.2003), Shahnawaz Mogal calls this island nation home while embracing his South Asian heritage. His academic journey took him from Bahrain to Arizona to Spain, deepening his appreciation for art history, with a particular fascination for Islamic art, architecture as well as Spanish art.

Shahnawaz's projects are characterized by an ability to find the extraordinary in the everyday, crafting works that invite viewers to revisit and ponder. Whether through photography or written pieces, his creations are not just fleeting moments; they are narratives that ask to be retold, stories that unfold with each viewing. Each piece is a window into a larger world, a mosaic of cultures and histories, seen through the perspective of someone deeply attuned to the beauty of life's subtleties.

Currently based in the United States, Shahnawaz is exploring long-term multimodal projects that offer a glimpse into the beauty and intricacies of different cultures. His work is a celebration of the moments that stay with us, sights that demand a second look, and stories that await being told.